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On Demand

CareCredit Partnership Launch On Demand

Lunch + Learn
Nichelle Coles |  Heather Revens
46 Minutes
Audio and Video


Miss the webinar April 28th? Fear not! Catch the recording announcing the launch of our NEW partnership with CareCredit! Listen to "Boost Your Business" with Nichelle Coles and Heather Revens.  This informative presentation will provide state associations & chiropractors with insight into how to boost their business by using the CareCredit healthcare credit card as a smart business tool.



Nichelle Coles's Profile

Nichelle Coles Related Seminars and Products

Assistant Vice President National Accounts

CareCredit, a Synchrony solution

Nichelle Coles, Chiropractic and Weight Industry Leader for CareCredit. You may remember Nichelle from our 2019 San Diego Convention. Nichelle oversees client development initiatives in the Chiropractic and weight Markets. Nichelle’s goal is to support and understand the needs of the providers to promote positive experiences for both the patient and the practice while utilizing CareCredit as a solution to support the care that is needed and recommended.

Heather Revens's Profile

Heather Revens Related Seminars and Products

Assistant Vice President – Healthcare Specialties Marketing


Heather Revens, CareCredit Marketing Leader for the Chiropractic Industry. Heather has been with CareCredit for nearly 10 years, with marketing expertise in Chiropractic, Optical, Home Medical Equipment, Orthopaedic.