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ChiroCongress Lunch+Learn: Next-Generation Coding: Preparing Chiropractors for ICD-11 Implementation

Lunch + Learn
Brandon Hoffman |  Sam Collins
1 Hour



ChiroCongress Lunch+Learn
Wednesday, May 1, 2024
1:00 - 2:00 pm ET

Next-Generation Coding: Preparing Chiropractors for ICD-11 Implementation
with Sam Collins & Brandon Hoffman

This presentation is designed to offer an introductory to ICD-11, highlighting its advancements over previous versions and its specific implications for chiropractic. Attendees will explore some of the nuanced differences introduced by ICD-11 to understand how these changes will reshape diagnosis coding in the modern-day practice. This talk is an opportunity for you to navigate the transition to ICD-11 with confidence, and to understand its broader impacts.

Sam Collins and Brandon Hoffman, distinguished United States delegates and active members of the World Health Organization's Family of International Classifications (WHO-FIC) committees, are at the forefront of the development and implementation of ICD-11 coding standards. With their direct involvement in WHO-FIC annual meetings and committee meetings throughout the year, they bring firsthand insights and expertise which they are eager to share with the chiropractic community. They aim to empower chiropractors to maintain their practices at the cutting edge of healthcare coding and patient care excellence.



Brandon Hoffman's Profile

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Brandon Hoffman contributes a wealth of knowledge and deep personal commitment to the chiropractic community, stemming from his distinguished career in insurance, risk management, and as a lifelong chiropractic patient. Through his pivotal role at ChiroSecure, he has significantly advanced the protection and legal awareness of chiropractors, empowering new practitioners to navigate the complexities of their profession with confidence. His active role in the development and implementation of ICD-11 coding standards with the World Health Organization showcases his forward-thinking approach, providing valuable insights for chiropractors to adapt to the evolving healthcare landscape. Brandon's involvement in crucial industry forums, including the Chiropractic Summit, demonstrates his commitment to enhancing chiropractic care and the profession at large.

Sam Collins's Profile

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Sam Collins is commonly referred to as “The Coding & Billing Expert” for chiropractic claims and is a trusted resource for the profession and has created and taught chiropractic continuing education programs for over 25 years. His expertise has led multiple agencies, insurance plans, and health care attorneys to seek his expertise. These include the Department of Justice, State Boards of Chiropractic and Veterans Administration. He is an internationally recognized speaker on coding, billing, and documentation and has created and taught continuing education seminars for over 25 years.


Sam is an appointed member of the Optum Health Coding and Reimbursement Committee and for the World Health Organization as a United States representative for ICD-11. Sam’s emphasis is on proper and ethical billing, done correctly the first time, to ensure timely payment.