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COVID-19 Roundtable 06/18/2020

1 hour

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June 18, 2020
Member Zoom Call
COVID-19 Updates


Antitrust Statement – All members are reminded that various state and federal laws prohibit the exchange of information among competitors regarding matters pertaining to prices, refusals to deal, market division, tying relationships and other topics which might infringe upon antitrust regulations, and that no such exchange or discussion will be tolerated during this meeting. 



  • Welcome – Dr. Brenda Holland
  • ChiroCongress Tampa Convention Update – Lizz Klein
    • Registration NOW OPEN! Visit to REGISTER NOW!
    • Early Bird Pricing INCLUDES Inability to Attend Insurance!
    • EB pricing expires 9/25
  • State Association Updates – Attendees
    • Phased Opening Status for your state
      • Wins accomplished
      • Challenges faced
    • Member needs
      • Identify
      • Brainstorm solutions
    • Leading in uncertain times
      • Crowdsourcing collective challenges
      • Action steps
    • Deploy Poll + Share Results – Sheri Ryan