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Future of Chiropractic Strategic Plan Presentation

Carol Wick, MS, LMFT |  Karen Pelot, MBA, MDR |  Heather Branigin, BA, MAT |  David Beurle, BSc, Agr
34 Minutes
Audio and Video


Meet the facilitators from Sharity and Future IQ, get an overview of the project, see where we are, and find out how you and your members can participate in the Future of Chiropractic Strategic Plan NOW!  Recording includes Q+A from virtual convention. 



Carol Wick, MS, LMFT's Profile

Carol Wick, MS, LMFT Related Seminars and Products


Carol Wick has advised nonprofits and philanthropists her entire career and understands their unique challenges. First, as a therapist for abused children and later as an award-winning CEO of one of the nation’s largest domestic violence centers. She is renowned for her expertise turning around struggling organizations, using her business acumen to achieve financial stability, and her advocacy to engage the community as partners.

Utilizing this wealth of experience, Carol has spent the past decade developing a model to assist nonprofits in assessing their ability to take their organizations to the next level. Her services focus on creating dynamic fundable plans and developing outcomes the community will care about and fund.

Carol founded Sharity with the mission to empower nonprofits and other changemakers to take control of their future and their fundraising. Her team is comprised of experienced former successful CEO’s who bring decades of wisdom and experience to every project. Clients include organizations from across the globe from 4-year state universities to national advocacy groups. Sharity is a certified EDWOB.

Carol holds a bachelor's from Florida State University; Master's from Auburn University; Certificate in Board Governance from the Harvard University Kennedy School of Government, and a Certificate in Advanced Entrepreneurship from Rollins College Crummer School of Business.

Karen Pelot, MBA, MDR's Profile

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Perspectives, LLC

Karen Pelot is the founder and CEO of Perspectives, a company passionate about helping clients connect vision to strategic goal achieving action. Perspectives was recently selected as HR TechOutlook magazine’s 2020 Leadership Coaching & Development Company of the Year.

Founded in 2007, Perspectives is a certified woman owned business with a successful history serving clients through mediation, consulting, and executive coaching. Clients include Fortune 100 corporations, nonprofits, government agencies, and small businesses.

Karen is a people and strategy expert, with a deep knowledge of personality, conflict, and work-style variables. She quickly understands team dynamics and individual styles. Then leans on strengths and minimizing challenges, to empower individuals and organizations to resolve conflict, overcome deficiencies, build unity and trust, develop strategy, time-bound tactical plans, and ultimately achieve their goals.

Karen’s true expertise comes from her depth of experience. Her credentials include: Master Certification in Executive and Organizational Coaching from the University of Texas; ICF Coaching certification; Supreme Court of Florida circuit civil mediator certification; MBA, MDR from Colorado Technical University; and B.S. in Communications, with minors in Business and Sociology, from Florida Southern College.

Heather Branigin, BA, MAT's Profile

Heather Branigin, BA, MAT Related Seminars and Products

Vice President, Foresight Research

Future IQ

Heather leads Future iQ’s research projects, most recently co-authoring The Future of Local Food Systems and Sustainable Agriculture and The Future of Urban Living. She has extensive experience in local government and the nonprofit sector and is an accomplished project manager. Heather has a well-developed ability to assimilate information into thoughtful and coherent writing. She applies the integration of future trends, data analysis and public engagement into implementable strategy development for clients. Through her work, Heather provides that critical resourceful guidance needed to empower communities and organizations to make decisions that build sustainability and resiliency as they face a future of accelerations and change. Originally from Canada, Heather has pursued her international interests through her philanthropic work with the United Nations Association of Minnesota.

David Beurle, BSc, Agr's Profile

David Beurle, BSc, Agr Related Seminars and Products

C.E.O. Future iQ

Future IQ

David Beurle is a world renowned strategist, futurist, researcher and practitioner. As founder and CEO of Future iQ, David is a pioneer and expert in creating new and innovative future planning approaches for use in community, regional, industry, organizational and government settings. David has pioneered the application of scenario planning within regions, industry and corporations around the world. David created the Future Game™, a global planning and workshop tool that has been used in over 600 workshops across 10 countries. As CEO of Future iQ, David has led global projects across 4 continents and has written a number of foresight papers
Having worked in the field of organizational and regional economic and community planning for over 20 years, his work has won numerous awards. David has the major role in all of Future iQ’s projects as lead project manager. More details on David’s work can be seen at