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Virtual Meeting

Lunch and Learn: Chiropractic Future Strategic Plan Update

Lunch + Learn |  Roundtable
1 Hour


Curious about what is happening with the Chiropractic Future Strategic Plan? We have a special member Lunch+Learn for you to hear from project leaders about the efforts that are helping shape the future of the profession.  Come with questions and learn more about how your association and leaders can help support the many efforts taking place right now!

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Marc Abla & Tiffany Stevens, Chair and Vice-Chair of the Leadership Committee

Dr. Don Reno, Chair of the Government Affairs Workgroup

Dr. Katherine Pohlman & Dr. Joe Betz, Research Workgroup

Kristi Hudson, Chair, Fundraising Workgroup

Dr. Micheala Edwards, Chair, Public-Facing Communications Workgroup

Kristine Dowell, Chair, Intra-Profession Communications Workgroup

John Murray, Chair, Better Access to Chiropractic Super PAC

Dr. Thomas Kearn, Chair, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Taskforce

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