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No Surprises Act Lunch+Learn Member Roundtable

Lunch + Learn
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In an effort to ensure patients are better informed regarding the cost of their healthcare, Congress passed the No Surprises Act within the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2021. Initially, most experts believed that the No Surprises Act applied only to facility-based (such as a hospital) providers; however, on the recent finalization of Part II of the rules, it became clearer that a specific portion applies to all health care providers. The Good Faith Estimate portion of that act directly impacts all providers, including chiropractors.

Beginning on January 1, 2022, providers are required to inform certain patients that they are eligible to receive a Good Faith Estimate with an estimate for their specific anticipated care. As a part of the new requirement, providers will have to ask patients specific questions, provide a notice of the availability of a good faith estimate to self-pay patients, and provide a good faith estimate with required elements to those patients.

We will discuss:

  • General applicability and why there was confusion,
  • Which patients are entitled to Good Faith Estimates,
  • Notification requirements,
  • What Good Faith Estimates are and when they must be provided,
  • Form requirements,
  • How the new requirements may work in concert with existing state laws, and
  • Attendee questions.