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Stamp Out Denials with Insurance Collections Essentials

Total Credits: 1 DC - VA Type 2

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Wendy Lee, MCS-P
1 Hour 11 Minutes
Audio and Video


In this important session, we will review the Breakthrough Coaching Insurance Department system.  Learn how each and every step of the collection process works.  You’ll be taught exactly how each of the BTC insurance forms is used to maximize efficiency and reimbursement.  Step-by-step procedures will be taught for insurance verification, insurance billing, and insurance collections.  This session is a “don’t miss” for key insurance billing staff! 



Wendy Lee, MCS-P's Profile

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Sponsored by Breakthrough Coaching

Wendy Lee helped her husband open their integrated Chiropractic, Physical Therapy, Massage, Acupuncture, and DOT exam office near Baltimore over 12 years ago. With a degree in Mathematics and as a former educator, she had no prior experience in how to verify insurance or pretty much any other office procedure. Being somewhat obsessed with organization and wanting to make sure everything was done right, efficiently, and ethically while keeping the needs of the patient at the center, she sought out Breakthrough Coaching to help her manage the practice. Their turn-key systems practically automate every aspect of opening and running a practice regardless of style technique or philosophy. She immediately fell in love with the comprehensive forms that systematize the entire practice. Before becoming a Coach with the company, she used their systems to remotely manage other practices around the country. Now as a Coach, she helps Breakthrough Coaching and its members keep up to date with all of the changes in HIPAA, OIG, securities, insurance, and employment laws so that they can run the most compliant practices possible.