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David Beurle, BSc, Agr

C.E.O. Future iQ

Future IQ

David Beurle is a world renowned strategist, futurist, researcher and practitioner. As founder and CEO of Future iQ, David is a pioneer and expert in creating new and innovative future planning approaches for use in community, regional, industry, organizational and government settings. David has pioneered the application of scenario planning within regions, industry and corporations around the world. David created the Future Game™, a global planning and workshop tool that has been used in over 600 workshops across 10 countries. As CEO of Future iQ, David has led global projects across 4 continents and has written a number of foresight papers
Having worked in the field of organizational and regional economic and community planning for over 20 years, his work has won numerous awards. David has the major role in all of Future iQ’s projects as lead project manager. More details on David’s work can be seen at

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